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Guided Inquiry


On your organizer, you should fill out a proposal for your project, be sure you have the following:

  • a complete sentence that explains what your project is.
  • the tool you will be using, like Google Slides, Google Draw, Quicktime, Screencast-o-Matic, a green screen, construction paper, or something else from below…
  • an authentic audience that will listen to your research.


Clips (IPad app)

iMovie (MacBook)

Google Apps:












Melanie's info card is for the MA State Parks. It contains information about carnivorous plants found in Massachusetts.

Sophia and Makayla performed a demo of softball pitching technique and shared best practices for staying healthy when playing the sport

Jack's BMX Biking recreation timeline is a mock up for an Eyewitness book about extreme sports. Jack asked how did recreational BMX come into existence? and explored its popularity, presenting his findings in a timeline of BMX popularity. 

To view Julia's animation on the Immortal Jelly Fish, click on the slideshow and hold down your right arrow key.