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Grade 7 Global Issues: Home

Global Issues 2017

Areas of Global Crisis

Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

the Crisis of Child Labor

The Hunger Crisis

Displacement Crisis

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Kick off Slide Presentation

Project Information



Human Rights are not universally supported around the globe. Throughout the year we have studied several regions and cultures, touching on the global issues many citizens face. This project is your opportunity to explore one of these issues in a more in depth manner. This is your chance to SHINE and help teach others about the impact your project topic has on the citizens of our world.


TOPIC CHOICES: Click on tabs above for information on each topic

  • Child Labor (Bangladesh & Latin America)

  • Access to Clean Water & Sanitation (Brazil & India)

  • Hunger (North Korea & Haiti)

  • Displaced People & Refugees (Syria)



  • Work collaboratively and productively with your team to accomplish requirement

  • Research to learn about/understand:

    • The global issue and why it is an issue of global concern.

    • How the issue impacts the two case study countries/regions noted above.

    • Possible solutions to support those impacted

  • Cite all source information, including images

  • Create an exhibit that promotes public awareness of the global issue

  • Be prepared to present your exhibit at the Global Issues Fair (and parent Portfolio Day) on June 15th.




Name:____________________________________            Block:__________________


*A calendar for the project is below. Each day identifies the focus for the in class time, as well as your homework responsibility. Please note that if you do not complete classwork, it becomes homework and if you are absent for any of the days, you are still responsible for the work. Keep pace with the expectations and this will be a breeze!







Thursday, 5/25

Project Kick-off in W.I.N.!


Friday, 5/26

Students select groups and topic.

Project walk-through - clear  


Tuesday, 5/30

Begin research.


Wednesday, 5/31



Thursday, 6/1



Friday, 6/2

L&L writing assessment in the afternoon

Complete Research.


Monday, 6/5

Career Day in morning

Sort research. Any gaps?


Tuesday, 6/6

Finalize research and categorized information.


Wednesday, 6/7

Design plan for the public awareness exhibit.

Identify and assign responsibilities to each group member.


Thursday, 6/8

Project creation time in Geo.


Friday, 6/9

Project creation time in Geo.


Monday, 6/12

Begin statistics analysis in math.

Project creation time in Geo.


Tuesday, 6/13

Project creation time in Geo.


Wednesday, 6/14

Finalize Project.


Thursday, 6/15

Parent Writing Showcase & Global Issues Fair



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