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WMS 6 Ancient Egypt Civilization Guide: Home

6th Grade Ancient Egypt

Encyclopedia Sources

Use these to begin a search. Encyclopedias have basic information for all topics and are a great way to begin research.

World Book Image


Go deeper with these links, which will search even more reference articles, news articles, book chapters, and scholarly journal articles.


All websites will need to be checked for authority. Not all websites are curated by academic experts, some are copying-and-pasting from other sources (Wikipedia does this) and some are trying to sell you something by providing information first. The librarian has selected a few websites that you could use, but you will need to cite them on your own.


  6th Grade Social Studies Students

Ancient Egypt


Evaluating Websites

Despite the silly name for this acronym, the CRAAP test can help you determine if a website is useful or not. Use this as checklist for every website. And if you cannot determine something for a particular site, ask a friend or teacher for help.

Critical Thinking and Evaluating Sources – Evidence-Based Massage Therapy

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Citing Sources

Print Resources (Books) from the library's collection