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Grade 7 Global Issues: Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

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Access to clean water



Access to clean water and sanitation facilities are necessities for a healthy life today, so why do approximately 1 in 10 people lack access to safe drinking water and 1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet?


  1. Where is the crisis most severe and why?

  2. What is the impact of lack of access to clean water?

  3. What is the impact of the lack of access to sanitation?

  4. What is the risk for children if they do not have access to water and sanitation?

  5. What are the solutions to ensure safe water and sanitation for all?


Source: Global Concerns Classroom



Your Mission - Become the “expert” on the topic! Imagine you were presenting on the floor of the UN. What would you tell them? What does the world need to know to understand why this is a global issue? Research to answer the questions above, remembering these are large open-ended questions that have many answers and details for each. And as always, remember that the answer is not a single story.



Global Issue Overview:

Global Water Crisis Facts -  (make sure you click on all 4 “Explore the Facts to Learn More” circles!!!)

Clean Water - UN Topic Guide

Water Changes Everything - video

Global Concerns Classroom Brochure


Case Study Country #1: INDIA India Country Facts

Water Crisis is India - The Water Project

Lack of Toilets puts India’s Health, and Rural Women’s Safety at Risk - The Guardian

Water, Environment and Sanitation in India - UNICEF

Rains or Not, India Falling Short on Drinkable Water - NY TImes


Case Study Country #2: BRAZIL

The Next Battle for Brazil - Public Sanitation - Forbes (Skip the first 3 paragraphs)

Brazil May Be the Owner of 20% of World’s Water Supply But...

Zika Epidemic Offers Sanitation a Chance in Brazil

Taps Start to Run Dry in Brazil's Largest City - NY Times

Brazil’s Olympic Water Crisis a Constant Reality for Locals

Water Statistics in Brazil Report

Water Pollution and the Health Risks to the 2016 Olympics - BBC Video


Other Resources to Consider:

Intro. to India

Intro. to Brazil

World Water Day Facts

Let’s Talk Crap, Seriously - TED Talk


Impact on health:

Poor Sanitation in India May Afflict Well-Fed Children with Malnutrition - NY Times

NPR article: What Makes Water Unsafe? World Health Organization

Bangladesh’s Very Public Toilet Crisis

Poor Sanitation Threatens Maternal Health

No Maternal Health without Clean Water    


Impact on education:


“Clean Water: A Simple Way to Increase Opportunity for Women and Girls”




Global Concerns - Water

“Bill Gates Raises of Glass to Water Made from Poop”