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Grade 7 Global Issues: The Crisis of Child Labor

Child Labor

Child Labor

The Crisis of Child Labor


Child labor is a violation of a child’s human rights, so why are approximately 150 million children engaged in child labor worldwide?


  1. How is child labor defined? What type of work is included?File:Child Labourer Wasim.JPG

  2. What are some of the causes or reasons that children are forced into labor?

  3. How does this issue impact access to education?

  4. Is the problem equal for girls and boys?

  5. Where in the world is this an issue?

  6. What are the solutions to ensure all children are free?

Your Mission - Become the “expert” on the topic! Imagine you were presenting on the floor of the UN. What would you tell them? What does the world need to know to understand why this is a global issue? Research to answer the questions above, remembering that these are large open-ended questions that have many answers and details for each. And as always, remember that the answer is not a single story.




UN Topic Guide - Child Labor

Education - The Right Response to Child Labor

Global Concerns Classroom Brochure

    The Faces of Child Labor

Understanding Supply Chains, the Key to Ending Child Labor

Stop Child Labor (Check this out for things you can do to help today!)


Gender (lots of info. In the first two sources):

UNICEF Child Labor Statistics (excellent graphs and interactive map)

Gender and Child Labour in Agriculture

Basic Education and Gender Equality

Give Girls a Chance


Case Study Country #1:Bangladesh

    Child Labor in Bangladesh - UNICEF

Bangladesh Garment Factories Still Exploiting Child Labor - The Guardian

Global Concerns Classroom Brochure

On the Trail of Child Labor in Bangladesh - CNN


Case Study #2: Latin America (Central & S. America)

    Long Road to Eradicating Child Labor in Latin America

    Child Labor in Latin America - ILO

    Young Hands in Mexico Feed Growing US Demand for Heroin - NY Times

    Video - Bolivia’s Child Labor, Exploitation or Tradition? - NY Times

    “Bolivia Makes Child Labor Legal in an Attempt to Make it Safer” - story & podcast

    Held as Slaves - Children in Peru Forced to Work in Mines - Daily News

    Despite Strict Laws, Child Labor in Brazil Not Going Away


Other Resources to Consider:

    “No Life for a Child”

Child Labor Around the World

Child Soldiers International

Modern slavery: Learn about forms of slavery today, and what can be done to stop it.

CNN Student News from 3/24/15

“How Protecting Wildlife Helps Stop Child Labor & Slavery”

United Nations


The Child Labor Coalition

Good Weave

US Department of Labor