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Grade 7 Global Issues: The Hunger Crisis

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The Hunger Crisis


In a world where food should be plentiful, why do approximately 795 million people remain hungry and malnourished?

  1. What is considered being “hungry” by the global community? What is malnutrition?

  2. What are some of the causes or reasons that people do not have enough food?

  3. Where is the hunger crisis most severe?

  4. What is the risk for children if they are malnourished?

  5. What are the solutions to ensure proper meals for all?


Source: Global Concerns Classroom


Your Mission - Become the “expert” on the topic! Imagine you were presenting on the floor of the UN. What would you tell them? What does the world need to know to understand why this is a global issue? Research to answer the questions above, remembering these are large open-ended questions that have many answers and details for each. And as always, remember that the answer is not a single story.





Global Issue Overview:

Global Concerns Classroom - Hunger (Skip the page about hunger in Ethiopia)

Freedom from Hunger:  Statistics on chronic hunger as well as its causes and effects.

Introduction to Food Security - article and an excellent short video

World Food Programme  Who are the hungry? What is hunger? What is malnutrition?

UN Topic Guide - Food Security

Understanding Childhood Malnutrition - Youtube Video


Case Study Country #1: NORTH KOREA

Intro. to North Korea

10 Facts about Hunger in North Korea - World Food Programme

Pynongyang's Hunger Games - NY Times article

Hunger Still Haunts North Korea, Citizens Say - NPR podcast

North Korea’s Starving Children - CNN video

The Face of Hunger in the North Korea - WFP video


Case Study Country # 2: HAITI

Intro. to Haiti

10 Facts about Hunger in Haiti - World Food Programme

Hunger in Haiti is Worse than Ever - Video - Associated Press

Haiti, the Forgotten Victim of Sandy - Al Jazeera

Feeding Haiti - A New Menu - Economist



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