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Grade 7 Global Issues: The Displacement Crisis

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Displaced People and Refugees


Millions of people worldwide leave their homes voluntarily or involuntarily every year. What is causing them to go? What is pulling them somewhere else?


Research Questions

  1. What is a displaced person? What is a refugee? How are they different?

  2. What are some of the push factors that cause people to leave their homes?

  3. What are the pull factors that draw people to other places?

  4. Where in the world are people currently being displaced or in refugee camps?

  5. What are the solutions to people becoming displaced or refugees?


Your Mission - Become the “expert” on the topic! Imagine you were presenting on the floor of the UN. What would you tell them? What does the world need to know to understand why this is a global issue? Research to answer the questions above, remembering these are large open-ended questions that have many answers and details for each. And as always, remember that the answer is not a single story.