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Film technique and analysis


Select and research a case study (specific time period and place) in which film or other media was used to shape public opinion. Analyze how specific techniques were used to influence public opinion. Create a short educational (5 minute?) film for high school students analyzing the impact of film/other media on public opinion using examples from your case study. Graded products: annotated bibliography, research conclusions, educational film

Search Terms

Keyword Options:
“Public opinion” “society” “culture” “popular culture” “American Society” “cultural values” Influence, impact, change, decades “changed the world”

Using Media to Influence Public Opinion

Road Map

Look at websites first for ideas/topics/titles:

Once you have your topic/idea use databases to locate information on a particular title and the issue related: example: “all in the family” and race relations


Sample Topics: 

Politics, race, science fiction, women, war