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Memorial Elementary Library: Home

Welcome to the Memorial Elementary Library page! Please explore the many resources that are available to all students, staff, and families.

About the Library!

Welcome to the Memorial Elementary Library!

Welcome to our library! Explore our webpage to find a variety of free resources for students and their families. We are proud to serve the Memorial Elementary community!

Library Staff:

Library Media Specialist: Ms. Erin Weinman



Memorial Library Check-Out Procedures

Students are encouraged to borrow at least one book during library class. We strive to help students find books that they'll enjoy and develop an appreciation for reading. 

  • Grade K: Students can check out one book for a one-week period through December; students can check out up to 2 books for a one-week period starting in January. All books will remain in the classroom during the month of September. 
  • Grades 1-3: Students can check out up to 2 books for a one-week period
  • Grade 4: Students can check out up to 3 books for a one-week period

All students can renew books with 0 holds on them at the discretion of the librarian. Students in all grades are limited to one of the following per check-out period: 

  • One graphic novel
  • One Minecraft book 
  • One Who Would Win book 

We encourage all students to be mindful of one another in the library and to take advantage of open library time during the day. Students are permitted to visit the library with their teacher's permission to swap their books on non-library days.

Memorial Lost or Damaged Book Policy

Students who forget their books on library days will be given an "Oops Note" as a reminder to return their books. We provide students with a 4-week grace period to locate missing books before marking them as lost in the system. An email will be sent to parents regarding the missing titles.

There are no fees for missing books. Once a book is marked lost in the system, families are invited to purchase a replacement book at their discretion. Missing books can be returned at any point once they are found by the student.  

What if my child's book gets damaged?

Students are encouraged to return damaged books to the library. In many instances, these books can be repaired by the librarians. If a book gets damaged, please return all pieces to the library. This rule is reinforced with students during book care lessons. 


Freedom to Read Statement

We encourage all of our students to borrow books that fit their personal and educational interests. However, we are aware that some books won't be a right fit for all families. If you have any questions about the book your child brought home, we encourage that you reach out to  Ms. Weinman. Students can return their books to the library and exchange it for a new book.


Book Donations

We are happy accept book donations. Donations of new or gently used books will be accepted with prior approval. Please contact Ms. Weinman at with donation requests. 


Memorial Library Catalog

Explore the Destiny Discover Library Catalog to see what books are available in the library! Students can access the catalog at any time, both at home or at school. Click the link below to access the Memorial Library Catalog!

Introducing Sora!

Sora is a free application that allows students to access eBooks and Audiobooks! All Natick students have an account to access the Massachusetts Library System's eBook Collection, which contains over 30,000 titles! 

Download the Sora reading app on a personal device or click the link below! All students can access Sora by using their Natick login credentials. 

Get Your Library Card Today!

We are proud to partner with the Morse Library in downtown Natick! All residents can sign up for a library card. Click the link below to get one today!

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Boston Public Library eCard

Did you know that all Massachusetts residents qualify for a Boston Public Library eCard? This provides all residents with access to the library's online resources, including eBooks and Audiobooks! Click the link below to sign up for a card today!

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