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Grade 8 - Plate Tectonics Documentary Film Project

Grade 8 - Plate Tectonics Documentary Film Project

The Project

The Theory of Plate Tectonics is called the unifying theory of geology because it explains most geological features and phenomena that occur on Earth.  During the past several weeks, we have conducted field studies at locations where geological events and processes are occurring because of the movement of tectonic plates . 

Assignment:  You will create a short documentary film presentation for a location on Earth where tectonic activity has changed the lithosphere over time, creating spectacular landforms, features and events. The film should be suitable for presentation on the National Geographic, Travel or Discovery channels.  The purpose of the film is provide viewers with extensive geologic information in a creative and interesting way


Produce your documentary using iMovie. Your documentary should be 3-5 minutes in length, engaging to your audience, school-appropriate, and demonstrate expertise  about the geological formations and phenomena occurring at the assigned location.    


Documentary Checklist- Your documentary should

  1. Show where on Earth the location is.

  2. Show and describe specific geological landforms at your location. (These include volcanoes, mountains, and faults)

  3. Show and describe specific geological events that have occurred at your location.  (These include major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions)

  4. Show and identify the name(s) the tectonic plate(s) at this location.

  5. Identify the type of plate boundary and describe the motion of the plates at this location?

  6. Explain how the motion of tectonic plates causes the landforms, events, and processes occurring at this location.  (This should connect to #2 and #3)




Project check list

What are databases and why should you use them?

Databases to use for research

Country Reports image

user namewilson

Password: wildcats

NoodleTools - record your sources

General Geology Websites - click on the icon to access the website

Search for articles to learn more about the geology of a
location on earth.

live video feeds from anywhere on earth!

Exploring the Structure and Evolution of the North American Continent.
Specific to North America

Stromboli Online

Database of Volcanoes of the world


Database of all earthquakes


Understanding plate tectonics



Active Volcanoes

Map of Earthquakes Today


Deutsche Welle Article - When Mother Nature gets angry, really angry

Explore - Lots of information about the world’s volcanoes

Searching on the internet

Search Engines