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Grade 5 Academy: Explorers

A guide to Grade 5 projects in the library





Project Information

Model Explorer Note taking exemplar


Here is a model of what notes should look like


Ailey Alvin
Anderson Walter
Armstrong Neil
Audubon John James
Balbo Vasco Nunez de
Basquiat Jean-Michel
Beebe William
Beethoven Ludwig van
Bly Nellie
Boone Daniel
Brown Barnum
Byrd Robert
Cabrillo Juan Rodriguez
Cannon Annie Jump
Carson Rachel
Cartier Jacques
Copeland Misty
Coronado Francisco Vasquez
Cortes Hernando
Curie Marie
Darwin Charles
De Leon Ponce
De Soto Hernando
De Vaca Cabeza
De Vaca Cabeza
Disney Walt
Drake Francis
Earhart Amelia
Earle Sylvia
Fawcett Percy
Frank Anne
Frida viva
Gallieo Galilei
Goodall Jane
Hamilton Alexander
Hillary Edmund
Hopper Edward
Hudon Henry
Jobs Steve
Keller Helen
Lange Dorothea
Lewis and Clark  
Lovelace Ada
Low Juliette Gordon
Magellan Ferdinand
Money claude
Muir John
Nobel Alfred
Oakley Annie
Paulsen Gary
Peterson Roger Tory
Pinchot Gifford
Pippin Horace
Polo Marco
Polo Marco
Ride Sally
Rivera Diego
Romero Jordan
Roosevelt Eleanor
Rousseau Henri
Rowling J.K.
Schaller George
Sendler Irena
Shackleton Edward
smilth Elinor
Speilberg Steven
Steger Will
Tallchief Maria
Van Gogh Vincent
Vespucci Amerigo
White EB
Whitman Narcissa
Wright Wilbur and Orville
Yeboah Emmanuel Ofosu
Zheng He's