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Social Action Research Project: Advanced Searching in Databases

This guide is to provide advance search strategy tips and resources to aide you in prepping for your presentation!

Advance Database Search Strategies

Using the academic databases advanced search feature to improve results and raise research skills to a higher level!

General Information vs. Select Information

How To Search

What is your question? "Can genetically modified food help with the world's food shortage?"

What are your key terms? Phrases, tag words, synonyms (think outside the box)

"genetically modified food" Or GMO, "food shortage" OR hunger

Set up your search: search in keywords and/or entire document


Set Your Limits & Choose Your Content

Always Limit to "Full Text" (nothing more frustrating than finding what looks to be the perfect article and then only having the abstract)

Choose your content type: (depending on what kind of information you seek)

Choose your content level: (should focus on articles with intermediate or advanced level)

Use Your Results

Read the Abstract/Summary: Most articles contain one and will give you an overview of the article

Learn from what you have: Skim articles for new terms to search

No Article should contain everything you need: Pull what you need from each to create new knowledge

Purpose of research is to create something new!


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Gale Database Suite

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Opposing Viewpoints

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