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Grade 5: Thirteen Colonies & American Revolution: Home

Text Sets

Newsela: these are collections of news articles that reflect on the issues you're studying.

Native Americans in Colonial America

Life in Colonial America

Causes of the American Revolution

Revolutionary War

Common Lit Narratives: these stories explain revolutionary events with vocabulary and helpful additional resources.

A Spectacular Ride

Tea Overboard

Common Lit: Just Say no

Common Lit: Valley Forge and the American Revolution


ReadWorks: Colonization and Revolutionary War

ReadWorks: Article A Day Revolutionary War

ReadWorks: Shot Heard Round the World


An encyclopedia divided by topics. You can use the Thirteen Colonies topic guide to get started.

This database has more sources than the one before. It also has a Thirteen Colonies topic guide, linked here.


Powerful encyclopedia for background information.

Select “Student” option. "Advanced" will have more results at more complex reading levels.

Home username: natick

Home pswd: worldbook

Finding Print Sources…

United States History Dewey Decimal class: