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Grade 5 Ecosystems Storybook

Project Information

You are an ecologist.  You have been hired to explore an ecosystem to gather information for a new picture book.  You have just landed in your ecosystem and now your job is to answer the following questions.  Your final project will be a picture book.


Choose a biome that you are most interested in.  Find an ecosystem that fall within the Biome. 

Name 5 living and 5 non-living things in your ecosystem.

Description of what your ecosystem looks like (temperature, weather, landforms)

Identify 3 predators and 3 prey in your ecosystem.

Identify and label at least 3 decomposers, producers and consumers in your ecosystem.

Create at least 2 food chains.

Include a map that identifies the area your ecosystem is located in.

Include an illustration on each page.

Cover Page

Fun Facts Page



Databases - Great Information found here!


Check out the Databases - just search for your Biome and find lots of articles!




home access:

User name: natick

Password: worldbook





Sign in to Scienceflix with:

user name:wilsonntsd 

password: wilsonntsd

General Websites


Click on each link below to learn more about your Ecosystem!


World Biomes