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Guided Inquiry


ACE Days, join the Google Classroom with this code: t7jx25u

BDT Days, join the Google Classroom with this code: udqwjpv

We will use Google Classroom and this libguide for eLearning



Course Objective: Sixth graders will work towards power standards with a Guided Inquiry Design project that opens them to current events happening in our world and in the school community and then allows them to explore areas of interest and share their findings through a project. We will learn to use the resources available in the library for research purposes, and practice skimming and scanning nonfiction text, note taking, evaluating websites, how to use databases, and avoiding plagiarism. This process will reinforce reading and organization skills, see them practice the use of paraphrasing and citation, and also dive into source evaluation.

Material Covered:

  1. Open - Current library research…
  2. Immersion and Exploration in interests - How to use databases and print resources
  3. Identification of topic - developing Essential Questions
  4. Gathering information about topic - sharpening research skills; citing and note taking
  5. Creation of learning product after proposal - what's the best to present information?
  6. Sharing of findings with appropriate audience - my research in a real world context 
  7. Feedback and Self-Evaluation - what did I learn?