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Natick School Libraries Strategic Planning: Home

A guide for all information related to the 5 year planning process of the Natick School libraries

Strategic Planning Resources

Why create a Strategic Plan?

Why Create a Strategic Plan?



What is a strategic plan?

*Living Document

*Management tool for organization

*Blueprint for service enhancements

  over the next 5 years

*Sets the course for the future based on where a library

  has been, where it is going and what strategies will be

 used to meet those future trends, needs & wants of the

 library user


Answers the question:

*What is the role of the library in the community ?

*Helps library gain recognition, funding & staffing for

 accomplishing the goals and

 objectives set out in the plan

*Explains programs to others

*Identifies priorities, strengths, opportunities.

 aspirations, and results

*Develops budget related to the plan

*Provides goals, objectives and actions for

future development

*Gives a clear sense of purpose

*Provides opportunity for evaluation and assessment

Steps for creating a Strategic Library Plan

This is an opportunity to ask the following:

  • What do you like most about your Library?
  • What improvements would you like to see?
  • Think of the library of the future. If money were no object, describe your ideal school library (grades K-12).
  • What services and programs do you see the Library needing to focus on for the next five years?

Tools for committee


S.O.A.R. Exercise Chart

a guide for brainstorming  Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results  of our school libraries


Demographic Information on Natick School Libraries

Future Ready Librarians

NPS Library Mission Statement and Goals

The Mission of the Natick Public Schools Libraries:

The mission of the Natick Public Schools Library Media Program is the same as the American Association of School Librarians, which is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. As School Library Media Specialists, it is our job to empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.


This mission will be reached through:

  • Collaborating with educators and students to design and teach engaging learning experiences that meet individual needs.
  • Instructing students and assisting educators in using, evaluating, and producing information and ideas through active use of a broad range of appropriate tools, resources and information technologies.
  • Providing access to materials in all formats, including up-to-date, high quality, varied literature to develop and strengthen a love of reading.
  • Providing students and staff with instruction and resources that reflect current information needs and anticipate in technology and education.
  • Providing leadership in the total education program and advocating for strong school library media programs as essential to meeting local, state and national education goals.