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Global Awareness: Guuide To Knowing What is What: Evaluating Sources

9th Grade introduction to Media Literacy: Primary/Secondary Sources, Evaluating Sources, Bias and Point of View in Research documents

Source Evaluation

The Evaluation

Evaluating Sources

When evaluating sources, use the five W’s listed below.  

Who (authority)

Check the author of the site, sponsor, and contact info.  Is it written by a professional in the field or somebody with knowledge of the subject? 

What (accuracy

Is the information accurate, documented, well-researched? 

When (currency)

Is the article date-stamped?  What is the ‘last updated status’?  Are the links still working? Was it published recently enough to still be accurate? 

Where (coverage)

Is the information relevant, adequate, audience-appropriate?  Is it a primary or secondary account?  

Why (objectivity)

What is the purpose of the article or website?  Its intent or influence?  Check for bias!


Databases vs Websites

Databases vs. Websites