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How do we Navigate War?: How do we navigate war?

Guide of resources for discussing, navigating, analyzing, absorbing the information overload factual and otherwise of War.



Basic encyclopedia that was formerly KidsInfoBits

Great for encyclopedic reference sources and middle-school level newspapers and periodicals, plus images, videos, primary sources and audio selections. Topic divisions to explore ideas.


Contextual information on the world's most influential people. Search for people based on name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, birth/death dates and places, or gender as well as keyword and full text.

High school edition includes more magazines, journals, newspapers, and deeper reference books for more in-depth analysis. Topic Wheel and Publication Search are helpful.

Side-by-Side viewpoints on important contemporary issues.

A global perspective on the most important issues.

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Treats the most compelling and divisive topics in modern society with authoritative historical context; balanced, expert perspectives; and carefully selected primary and secondary sources.

An online health information resource for patients and their families and friends.