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Media Literacy


Class Objectives:

  • Explore key vocabulary for our media literacy discussions and exploration.
  • Connect vocab concepts to books in our collection
  • Collaborate on locating and sharing 


  1. DO NOW: Log in. Have you bookmarked this site so you can get to it easily?
  2. Working with a partner, go to our Quizlet and make a Google document with your partner. Here is a template.
  3. CHOOSE FIVE WORDS and come up with a book from our catalog which is associated with that word. Be as creative or "out there" as you like in your connections. Write the title and CALL NUMBER next to each book. Then write a short explanation as to why.
  4. Pick one of your books and go find it in the stacks. Be prepared to share: why do you think these words are important for our discussions of media literacy?‚Äč