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Media Literacy

Analyzing TV Ads


TV Advertising
Today we are talking about tv advertising and the ways that tv advertising differs from print advertising.

  • Evaluate how advertisers "deceive" viewers about their products.
  • Understand the techniques used by advertisers in tv advertisements
  • Recognize how stereotypes play into tv advertisements

Buy me that!

Today's agenda:

1. Commercial time! For each commercial, write down the critical info.
Best Commercial ever

  • product/brand
  • persuasion technique
  • target audience
  • stereotypes
  • slogan?

Stereotypes in Advertising

Riley's Rant

Lego Hero Factory Advertisement
Lego Friends Advertisement

Create an Ad! - today groups assigned and general plan created

Homework: Watch a few TOY tv commercials. (Disney XD, Cartoon Network, HUB, ABC Family - great channels to find them!) Answer the following questions about two commercials:
1. What is the target audience (kids is not specific enough!)?
2. What stereotypes does the advertiser use? (Think about colors, people in the ad, etc.)
3. Does the advertiser try to deceive you? How so? (Think about the hovercraft video we watched.)
4. How does the advertiser try to convince the target audience they should want to buy the product?