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Media Literacy - Grade 5

Critical Analysis of Advertisements

Deconstructing Advertisements

Objectives/Goals of the Unit:
  • Students will be able to identify media tricks that advertisers use to get their attention.
  • Students will be able to analyze and deconstruct an advertisement.


A Kid's Survival Guide to TV Advertising

Introduction: watch these videos, how do they make you feel?
Listen to these jingles

Media Tricks - how do advertisers get you to remember their commercials?

Media Tricks Quizlet
Lets look at the thought behind creating any advertisements.

- Whose message is this? Who created or paid for it? Why?

- Who is the “target audience”? What are the clues (words, images, sounds, etc.)?

(Target Audience: the intended group for which something is performed or marketed; the specific group to which advertising is directed)
- What “media tricks” are used?

- What part of the story is not being told?

PBS - Don't Buy it! 

Juul Advertising campaign