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Media Literacy

BrainPop - Photography

The art of photography has been around longer than you think! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby will teach you all about photography. Find out what the earliest pictures were like and who took them, how photography was first used, the way that photos have shaped the way we see the world, and how you can take a good picture of your own! You’ll also get a chance to see how the technology of photography has changed over the years. Say cheese!



How Photography Connects up

Critical evaluation of images

The Altered Image

Image Detective

Being a historian is like being a detective in some ways.
You start with a hunch about something that has happened. You pore over the evidence you find, and try to fit it with what you already know. You use your imagination, and begin to speculate -- to make intelligent guesses -- about what has happened.

Photographs contain lots of rich clues to the past.
But you have to look closely and think carefully. In order to get the infromation out of them! When you do this you're practicing skills that will help you interpret ANY document.

In this activity there are no simple right answers!
The notes you take and the conclusions you draw are for YOU. They let you compare your own thinking to what others have said -- not in order to see if you got the answer right, but in order for you to learn from others how to improve your detection skills.

Historical Detectives have a process.
In this activity you'll:

  • pose a question about the picture
  • look closely at it and write down clues
  • draw a conclusion
  • compare your analysis to others'

Storytelling with Photography

Iconic Photographs


Photo Essay Planning Guide