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Wilson Library: Home

Gwendolyn K. Airasian Library Media Center



7:30am - 2:05pm


After School:

2:05pm - 3:00 pm Tues. / Thurs.




Mr. Luke Steere, librarian

508-647-6670 X1210

Ms. Susan Read, circulation librarian

508-647-6670 X1215

Library Advisory Board: help make the library the best place it can be. It’s your library-- you can have a say in how it is run. Consider being a member of the library advisory board. Meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, from 7-7:35 am. Ends in time for homeroom.

Speech Team meets on Mondays after school until 2:55pm. Speechies learn about public speaking techniques and craft their own speeches about topics of their choice.

Wilson CREW is a social group for brown and black students and friends to connect around identity, student voice, empowerment, building relationships, sharing dialogue, and community involvement. Meets Thursdays after school until the late bus arrives.


METCO Late Bus Boston buses come at 3:00pm on Tuesdays and METCO students use the library as a home base. METCO staff are available.


Students as Readers is for students interested in reading for challenge Choose from award winners, new releases, popular reads, classics, and reading lists to discuss at monthly meetings-- make friends and appreciate books and conversation. Enrollment is open throughout the year.


SCRATCH Club is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the library computer lab, this student-run club delves into the MIT coding program Scratch. Students learn coding through drag-and-drop skills and design and play games, videos, and more.

Library After School is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 2:55 pm. Students must sign up during the day in order to be in the library. There is a limit on how many students can be there. If students are staying after with a teacher are sent to the library after completing work, they must have a pass to stay. Students without passes or not signed up will be sent to the lobby.


Please return all books outside the library in the return bin or to the return bins in your grade level hallways.

Overdue materials

There are no overdue fees or fines. Reminders are sent home with students monthly. Materials that have been overdue for 2 months will be considered lost. We accept replacements or payment.



Material Policy

Your middle school library includes both middle grade books (for ages 8-12) and young adult (YA) books (for ages 13-18). YA books allow for profanity, graphic violence, and romance and sexuality, though these topics are not in all YA books. Any YA book containing these mature topics will be designated with a red dot on the spine or a YA STICKER ON THE SPINE. All books in your library are available for check out, but our 5th and 6th grade patrons will need to have librarian approval to take out YA books, which usually requires a teacher or parent reference. For more information, please check our Selection Policy or Procedures for Re-Evaluation of Materials.

Our Vision:

The students and staff in the Natick Public School Library system will feel welcome, be curious, and will be equipped and empowered for lifelong learning, through access to information, competence with information literacy skills and commitment to understanding and creating solutions to the problems and challenges ahead.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Natick Public Schools Library Media Program is to create a welcoming, inclusive learning environment through rich, diverse literature and a curriculum that reflects our students and global community.   We are committed to ensuring that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. As School Library Media personnel, it is our job to empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.

Wilson Library Goals visual

  • Collaboration
  • Equity
  • Reading
  • Censorship

Wilson library is available for collaborations of all kinds. Please email for details. We also offer a 5th grade media literacy class and a 6th grade Guided Inquiry Design class. Follow the links for syllabi.

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